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A Healing Place

"...that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary" Isa 50:4


Tuesday night Healing Place will not meet in December and will resume meeting on Tuesday 1/9/2018

A safe place to receive Spiritual ministry for those who need to hear from God in the midst of their difficulties. Are You Hurting? Sometimes our burdens become overwhelming.  They may be emotional, or relational, or physical, or financial, or spiritual issues. At times, what we face is almost more than we can bear. Our minds are in an uproar, our emotions heavy and confused. Even our faith is stretched thin. We may struggle to hear the voice of God, and despair that we will receive an answer in time. It is as if our hearts have been in an accident, and we are bleeding internally in our fragile spirits. It happens to all of us. That is why Peter encourages to cast all our cares on God, because He cares for us.
In facing our struggle, sometimes we need help! We need outside help from mature, caring friends who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, non-judgmental, and models of God's unconditional love. We need Jesus to use someone to bind up our wounds, to stop the bleeding.
That is what "A Healing Place" is for you, a team of humble, spiritually mature intercessors.  They are available to you on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm in room 126, (Prayer Center), to discern and speak into your life what God wants you to hear. There is no obligation, and confidentiality is your guarantee.  You need not even give us your full name -- just your first name will do. We will engage with you as you desire, with no pressure or embarrassment. That's the deal.
So, come. Check it out before you commit to submit to their prayer care.
Are You Intrigued? Would you like to explore being part of a prophetic prayer team and be mentored in the art of effective prayer ministry? A Healing Place is a laboratory for Spirit-filled people to learn how to walk in their spiritual gifting, particularly in the realm of the prophetic.  The senior pastor is often available for support and instruction as well. What an outstanding opportunity to mature in the way you cooperate with the Holy Spirit in life-changing prayer ministry. For more information, email .

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