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Teens and Young Adults

Do you remember what life was like when you were a teenager?

So many questions! So many adventures! And sometimes, so much heartache. Teens want real answers to real questions, and God is not afraid to take teenagers just as they are! At Christ Center we are dedicated to impacting teens for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom! We invite all teens to come and experience Jesus for themselves, as a valued and important part of God's family. Erin Foster, our full-time youth pastor, is dedicated to helping teens grow into their full spiritual potential through Bible Study on Sunday mornings, to outreach on Wednesday nights, to special conferences, retreats, and missions trips.   ALL teens are invited to explore all that God has to offer here at Christ Center. Join us!

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A VECTOR is a mighty force, a FORCE with both DIRECTION and MAGNITUDE. And like a mighty VECTOR, our teens desire to show their generation the DIRECTION to salvation in Jesus alone, and to do this with the MAGNITUDE of God's Love in our hearts. 

VECTOR is the outreach youth ministry of Christ Center Community Church!  We meet every Wednesday night to seek God and love HIM with all our hearts. Join us any Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm.

VECTOR is open to all 6th-12th graders. Our middle schoolers love to see Jesus in acti
on in our older students, and our older students love to minister to our younger teens! We really are one happy family!

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"As we prepare today to attend SOS Graduation Ceremony and Patio Party...we would like to extend a huge THANK YOU for ALL you have done for our sons as well as the many others that you have "fostered" (could not help it LOL) a new passion for serving our God and our community and a drive to serve in other communities as well. We as a family have seen a positive change in our sons. We have had a heart for serving and especially Missions for years since the boys were VERY young. You KNOW that Youth learn from examples ... we KNOW that parents can only be a part of that example...Youth Leaders who have a PASSION for lighting the PASSION in their Youth are hard to find now days...we are TRULY thankful for EVERYTHING YOU do to provide a Godly, safe, fun & exciting environment for our sons and the Youth of AMP. You are helping to shape our next community leaders. You ARE a blessing to our family and many others. We pray for abundant blessings on You daily. Thank you for taking time to be there for our sons and the AMP Youth. We KNOW what a Sacrifice being a Youth Leader is ... a Sacrifice in sooooo MANY ways! THANK YOU... I can not say enough... so hopefully you won't get tired of hearing it!"