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My Vision and Passion for Christ’s Church.

Addendum to the Application of Pastor David Niquette, Spring 1998 (pg. 23-24)

My vision is to give Jesus Christ the opportunity to lead His church.  Ministry must belong completely to Jesus Christ.  I envision a fresh new start in welcoming His presence and headship in the most authentic, practical way.  Building on a biblical foundation, I long to see a church become characterized by the following spiritual dynamics:
1. A church which discovers the secret of the true enthronement of Christ as Head.
2. A church moved by the Spirit toward humility and hunger for God, a holy dissatisfaction with ordinariness.
3. People whose growing devotion to Jesus compels them willingly to pay the price of godliness and obedience.
4. Leaders who are honest with their weaknesses, humbly dependent on God’ grace and power, and relationally bonded into a team.
5. A partnership of people who are captured by Christ’s heart of love for the lost.
6. An environment that encourages risk-taking faithfulness with the resources God gives us in order to gain a greater return for our Savior.
7. A “radical alternative society” that attracts/confronts a watching world.
8. A loving oasis in a relational desert, a safe place to deal with deepest heart hungers and hurts.
9. A retreat ground/conference center atmosphere of vital spiritual teaching in a context of acceptance and joyful celebration.
10. A welcome place for non-churched and dis-churched people to see Christ’s glory.
11. A spiritually vital people who place no limits on God.
12. A church that learns how to commune in prayer, which distinguishes itself from cultural Christianity by their growing intimacy with God.
13. A church defined as a mission, with a local and global strategy.

The anointing of God cannot be imitated.  Strategies are pointless without these spiritual dynamics.  I believe Christ is knocking at the door of His culturally blind church today, prepared to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ask or think.  The Bride must be made beautiful for the soon coming Bridegroom.  I am not willing to settle for less than Christ’s best for the church.  Jesus deserves a better return for all that He suffered.  I am committed to bringing His church to deeper devotion and display of His glory, whatever it takes.
Decisive direction is necessary to hold a church on a course long enough to impact the body and the world.  The Word of God is foundational to, and the measurement of, all aspects of the church’s visionary undertakings.  The evident anointing of the Holy Spirit can bring identified spiritual leaders into consensus in determining the mind of the God related to active vision.  Consensus requires learning to listen together, to respond to Christ’s presence with deepening worship and devotion, to obey Him in the power of the Spirit.
My vision includes a wholesome spiritual kinship with other evangelical pastors in the area through a movement of prayer and seeking the Lord together.  Having been involved as a leader in a remarkable prayer movement here in the Pacific Northwest, I want to serve the heart of Christ by being a catalyst for building broader spiritual relationships in the evangelical Christian community through prayer.