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Our Unique Role and Calling in Fort Collins

Reflections on God’s Special Direction for Our Church by Pastor David Niquette,                                Christ Center Community Church

What is our God-given passion?  What distinguishing vision gives our church its unique place as contributor to the whole mission of reaching our city and world?
Foundationally, our Missions Statement identifies five imperatives that are important to Jesus Christ.  We call them the “Five Rocks” – Worship, Prayer, the Word, Community, and Mission – explained at length elsewhere on this website. These are what we are about – giving Jesus what He asked for, and seeking to do so with growing levels of authenticity and excellence.
However, these five imperatives of Christ ought to be features of every healthy church. I believe God has fitted each church in our community to play a distinctive role, which builds on these foundational “basics.” Let  me identify what  I believe to be our unique calling and role.

1. Centrality of Christ

We determine that Jesus must get His church back!

• More than a motto: Christ Center Community Church – where Christ is the center.

• Not just the cross in the center, or a new name, but an intentional way of “doing” church.

• Full enthronement of Christ means that His voice must be heard, and His heart served.

• We seek to become fully devoted to Jesus to the point that we share His heart for people.

• We pursue a Spirit-led decision making process, honoring the Holy Spirit’s leading.

• Relational Leadership: Learning to trust the Holy Spirit in one other.

• Prayer as the central leadership dynamic -- listening together for greater wisdom.

• Our prayer: “Lord, if you speak clearly, we will obey courageously.”  

2. Pleromic Unity

We pursue the fullness of Christ. We believe that the fullness of Christ can only be gained through the fullness of the Word and the fullness of the Spirit.

• The Greek term pleroma means “fullness.” See Colossians 2:9-10a. We use the term “Pleromic” to describe our Evangelical - Charismatic unity. We declare the war over!

• To understand recent renewal history, check out “Why a Pleromic Church.”

• We believe the Holy Spirit gifts all believers meaningfully. Gifts are tools, not toys.

• The church needs the contribution of every Spirit-filled believer today to advance Christ’s kingdom in our broken and hostile secular culture

3. A Healing Place

We pursue spiritual renewal in the midst of “Cultural Christianity.”

• We are a “grace place,” a safe place for hurting people, an oasis in a relational desert.

• While we are not a perfect church, we have a perfect Lord and Savior. We partner in love and joy to accept, appreciate, and help each other become more like Him.

• We celebrate the evidence of the on-going work of Christ in each believer, and want to help each one take the next steps in maturing into Christ-likeness.

• In grace Jesus accepts imperfect people, and patiently invests in them. We do too.

• Legalism must be resisted and replaced by authentic spiritual life in fellowship with Jesus.

• We teach a relational model of sanctification rather than merely a behavioral model.

• We expose “Cultural Christianity” as spiritual lukewarmness. Revelation 3:14-20.

• Jesus deserves a better return for all He suffered. He deserves a beautiful bride.

4. Calling Back the “Dischurched”

We have a word from the Lord for His distant children: “Your Father wants you back!”

• “Dischurched” people haven’t given up on God as much as on the lukewarm church. We find this understandable but not excusable. Dropping away from the church is destructive of the individual and effaces the glory of God.

• We must offer authenticity of love and faith in Jesus Christ. Authenticity is essential and attractive to displaced, spiritually hungry people.

• Our church must be a healthy model of the radical grace of Christ’s kingdom on earth.

• We will discipline ourselves to be a “Prodigal-Friendly” church.

5. Engaging the “Never Churched”

Our youth ministry is expanding beyond the traditional bounds to engage and win the post-modern, emerging generation.

• Our leadership team is studying the vastly and rapidly changing evangelistic challenges of our day, and can see great opportunity in meeting the deepest spiritual needs of a generation seeking authentic spiritual experience.

• The emerging church vision is designed to engage with the emerging culture without becoming part of that culture. We want to lift them higher – into the “Cross Culture.”

6. Fort Collins IMPACT

 Proactive effort to build a working model of a “City-Church.”

• We actively promote the spiritual partnership we have with God’s called, anointed shepherds in Fort Collins who hold a high view of Scripture and an authentic relationship with Jesus.

• IMPACT stands for “In Ministry Partnership, Advancing City Transformation.”

• For a biblical understanding of the city church concept, check out “Why a City Church?”

7. Prayer Center of Northern Colorado

We are becoming a movement of desperate intercession for revival in America, for Israel, and for world missions. We want to be a church of growing influence, not just growing numbers. Numbers will come, we believe, as we hear God clearly, and obey Him courageously.

Bottom Line:

We have a delightful, compelling picture of what God wants us to do for Him. It is an unfinished – and indeed unfinishable – task. We envision a future state that is so desirable that it moves us to new levels of risk-taking faith, personal commitment, strategic planning, and sacrifice. It is the unique role God has designed for us, so we can make a significant difference within the historic context in which we find ourselves by His sovereignty. And we would be delighted if God would stir your heart to partner with us in advancing these objectives for Him. We pray that the Lord will impress a specific “call” on the hearts of Christians who can strengthen our team to accomplish His will. So we welcome your prayerful consideration. May your heart be set ablaze with passion for Christ being central in His church.